Biztap (Pty) Ltd

Biztap manufactures eco-friendly plastic business cards that works through a scanning system and app. Consequently, businesses can save money as they don’t have to print a ton of cards. More importantly, clients will be less likely to loose business cards.

How It Works

Order your plastic business card from Biztap.

Allow clients to scan the QR code from your plastic card.

Business details are transferred onto their phone.

Return the card to your wallet and start your success.

Pricing Plan
Boost your Success

Our app is 100% free to use, the only thing you pay for is your own company business card.

A printed NFC business card will cost you R280.00 for a lifetime of business cards that has all all the functions of a digital card, but has integrated NFC so you can share your information with a simple tap.

Biztap Supporting Clients

Need More Convincing?

Share your information with a simple tap. It is cheaper than printing and it’s limitless! Limitless handouts, Free acceptance and sending system. Only pay for your own personal card.

Markon Worldwide has a reseller agreement with Biztap (Pty) Ltd. Click here to visit official Biztap site.