How To Choose The Right Belt

Belts may seem like a common or uninteresting accessory, but they usually do more than just keep your pants up. This small detail can change the look of your whole outfit. It goes without saying that the smallest details in attire are very crucial.

How to choose the right belt?

A Belt Completes the Look. Not all people are fans of belts, especially when their pants fit just right. Although the primary use is to secure the pants, its functions are not limited there. Belts can also be used to break the colors of an outfit. It helps appreciate the entire get up.

Always the Middle Hole. We have all at least once bought a belt for which we needed to adjust or create new holes. The next time you are shopping, make sure strap is long enough to go around your waist, and then a few more centimeters after that. This estimate creates a decent and formal look. Avoid too much or too little belt straps after the buckle.

Full Grain Leather Beats Everyone Else. Did you know that not all leather belts are equally good? Full-grain leather belts are your best option when shopping for sturdy ones. In fact, they are the strongest belts in the market. Compared to genuine leather, bonded leather, or synthetic/fake leather, full-grain leather belts last way longer. Consequently, they are also more expensive.

Genuine Leather Belts

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