Jerome Keshwars Biography

Jerome Keshwars biography

Jerome Keshwar

CEO of Markon Worldwide since 01 June 2010

Markon Worldwide is a company operating throughout Africa. It focuses on sourcing entrepreneurial opportunities and converting them into valuable ventures.

Jerome also offers project management on major projects. The most recent venture being the sourcing and exporting of 150 pure bred cows and bulls (100 beef and 50 diary) to a VIP client in DRC.

Markon is active in the export industry into Africa. This includes wide range of goods and services.

Through Markon, Jerome offers entrepreneurial and skills training to emerging entrepreneurs, as well as companies and business leaders who are committed to adopting a more innovative operational culture.

United Nations Branded Products Supply Services For Missions

I met the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on a trip to Mozambique. As an established entrepreneur, I immediately recognized an opportunity to supply the UN Mission with a wide variety of branded products.

I sourced a wide range of products, from watches to UN pins to casual clothing, all branded with the name of the specific Mission, detailed below. This was a first for UN Missions in Africa.

The supply service to the UNUMOZ Mission was so successful, I was invited to provide the same service to the Rwandan and Angolan based missions.

– Jerome Keshwar

Venture Timeline:

  • 1992 - 1996 | UNOMOZ - United Nations Mission in Mozambique
  • 1994 - 1996 | UNIMIR - United Nations Mission in Rwandan
  • 1998 - 2002 | UNVEMA - United Nations Verification Mission in Angola II
  • 1996 - 2001 | Danida - Business-to-Business Program, South Africa
More About Jerome's

Business Ventures:

Through an entrepreneurial development program run by the Danish Government, I formed a joint venturewith a Danish company, Aarhus Printers, in South Africa.

The purpose of the joint venture was to create a technology partnership with Aarhus Printers to transfer skills to workers in the printing and branding textile industry in South Africa.

This B2B Technology Transfer joint venture trained 24 workers and was extended from three to five years, due to its success. These workers were able to participate in the industry at the highest level, due to the extensive skills and training we transferred to them. 

1990 – 2001: Zia Africa was Jerome’s first major entrepreneurial venture. I started this venture in my garage and within eleven years I had built in up to a business with a R6.4 million annual turnover. 

The company’s focus was on the branding and printing of various textiles. 

Notably, I produced a series of Zia Africa t-shirts which became an iconic nationwide phenomenon.

Zia Africa was the largest Black-owned, independent textile printing company at the time.

  • The ANC: the printing and logistical distribution of their printing and promotional material in South Africa for the 1999 election from t-shirts to posters to flyers and other collateral.
  • Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI): printing and retail distribution of promotional products and material for their festive season campaign.
  • SA National Department of Transport: The ARRIVE ALIVE campaign, Zero Tolerance, All Together Now, No More Nonsense and many other road safety campaigns over a period of nine years.
  • SA National Department of Health: the roll out of national HIV/AIDS campaigns.
  • Botswana People’s Party (BPP): role out of promotional material during national elections.
  • Ugandan Opposition Party: promotional material for the election campaign.
  • Various political parties in Angola: the national logistics support for the elections.

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Education Background

Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

  • Global Executive Development Program (GEDP)
  • The General Manager Program
  • Strategic Management
  • Competitive Marketing Strategy
  • Innovation For Competitive Advantage
  • Finance and Non-financial Management
  • Strategic Sales Management

WITS Graduate School of Business Administration (WBS)

  • MAP: Management Advancement Program
  • Developing the Entrepreneurial Organisation
  • Developing The Professional Entrepreneur
  • Strategic Marketing Management

University of Pretoria

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship Development Program