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Top 6 Advantages of Alcohol-Free Sanitizer

Over the years, there has been a great germ-stopping debate about alcohol-based sanitizer versus alcohol-free sanitizer. Most people prefer whatever product feels best on their skin, while others stick with what they know. However, both alcohol-based and non-alcohol hand sanitizers are effective in killing germs on the spot. 6 Benefits […]

How To Choose The Right Belt

Belts may seem like a common or uninteresting accessory, but they usually do more than just keep your pants up. This small detail can change the look of your whole outfit. It goes without saying that the smallest details in attire are very crucial. How to choose the right belt? […]

How Markon Worldwide started

How Markon Worldwide Started

It all started when Markon Worldwide and GCB Trading collaborated. These two very different companies have identified and seized the opportunity to put their expertise together. GCB Trading is proudly owned by Gustav Beisheim. They specialize in research, development, and manufacturing of environmentally friendly products. These products include cleaners, disinfectants, […]

10 ways to keep your garden weed free

10 Ways To Keep Your Garden Weed-Free

Every homeowner wants a weed-free garden, lawn, fence, or driveway. However, weeds are bound to sprout up wherever there are soil and moisture. Stay ahead by following the guidelines below about how to get a weed free garden. 10 Ways To Keep Your Garden Weed-Free: Use The Right Equipment Sharp-edged […]

Cleanliness in the workplace

Cleanliness in the workplace.

Cleanliness in the workplace may be called one of the “secret contributors” to a motivated workforce. “The most important component of any work environment is its people” according to Fabio Vitali in an article “Why workplace cleanliness is key” dated Dec 04 2017. According to an article on the website […]

your guide on hygiene masks

Your Guide On Hygiene Masks

During this pandemic, a medically approved hygiene mask is one of many preventive measures. Below we have provided you with a full guide on Hygiene Masks, as well as frequently asked questions. Different Types Of Face Masks Surgical Masks Surgical masks are usually loose-fitting and disposable. These masks cover the […]