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MARKON is a global trading company, whose main focus is licensed distribution and marketing agent for various products sourced from around the world. The tag line of the company is: “The Power of Partner Thinking”.
In a world of international trade and the use of technology, the world has become a small village. We believe it’s those companies and individuals that form business partnerships that will benefit the most.

Our main focus is that of high end, laboratory tests, and certified hygiene and cleaning chemicals.

We also conduct business in the areas of health-related consumers and medical devices.

In the modern world of digitalization and technology, we produce the BIZTAP digital business card under license. This has proven to be a very popular product in the times of COVID-19 because of it’s easy of use and no touch capabilities.

Markon Worldwide

GCB Trading is proudly owned by Gustav Beisheim. They specialize in research, development, and manufacturing of environmentally friendly products. These products include cleaners, disinfectants, special application, and water purification, and specialized RND specific products.

Markon Worldwide, on the other hand, is owned by Jerome Keshwar. Markon Worldwide specializes in marketing and sales. They also have knowledge about product development and research for all applications and sectors that need environmentally friendly and specialist products.



We are professional not only in our appearances but also in our knowledge in the chemical and hygiene industries.



We focus on persevering the environment by developing eco-friendly products according to our clients’ needs.



We are serious about protecting your family’s health and safety by promoting hygienic products and awareness.

We believe in long lasting relationships

through loyalty, honesty, and being ethical

Product Development

Over the past 7 years, Markon Worldwide and GCB Trading has brought nothing but success to the trading industry. They have taken the industrial, private, and mining sector by storm with their knowledge and variety in products.

Product development initially centered around heavy industrial cleaning products and water treatment. Emphasis on environmental acceptability and product safety. The first signed Montreal Protocol of 1992 stipulated the environmental safety conditions for industrial products and manufacturing.

All degreasing fluids, heavy-duty cleaning compounds, and Water treatment needed to comply with these conditions. Therefore, GCB Trading aimed to be the first to develop and formulate products to comply with the Montreal protocol.

How Markon Worldwide Started
How Markon Worldwide started

All degreasers and high volume cleaners formulated onwards complied with the conditions set out in the OECD (European) standards for surfactant biodegradability. Later developments focused on a wider chemical application like dust suppressants, industrial disinfectants, Hand and surface disinfectants, and general-purpose household cleaner/products.

These two had to comply with environmental legislation and guidelines. More recently an investigation into water purification was undertaken with the view to purify water to be suitable and safe for industrial use or recycling.

The goal of investigating water purification was also to research conventional water purification methods that have been in use for many years. Moreover, GCB Trading also aimed to develop house technology and processes.

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