1L GENDEG All-purpose Cleaner


R30 per liter.

GENDEG is a highly concentrated 100% eco-friendly and safe, biodegradable heavy-duty degreaser and hydrocarbon emulsifier. It is used in the industrial, household, and mining industries.


1L GENDEG All-purpose Cleaner

GENDEG has been approved by the Department of Water Affairs, for safe discharge into any drain/stormwater drain. One of the very few products in its class in South Africa to have been approved by (DWAF). No Chemical without the above approval may be discharged in any drain whatsoever!

This Multi-purpose Cleaner replaces 90% of all cleaning products

  • Washing of overalls / PPE / clothes
  • Total home and office cleaning
  • Workshop floors
  • Cleaning of equipment and tools
  • Compliments wash bays/oil separator
  • Total car wash solution (interior, exterior and engine
  • Soot removal
  • Carpets, Tiles, Windows, Water Stains
  • Breaks down fat and greases


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