School Disinfectant

Alcohol-Free School Disinfectant

The product technology is based on an optimized blend of biguanides and surfactants. Biguanides are standard disinfectant components employed in hospital disinfectants, surgical room disinfection, and in operating theatres for open wound treatment. The selection of disinfection components was based on well-known technology and which application has been in use in many areas of direct human contact. The product contains no alcohol or other organic volatile components, a requirement for many poorly ventilated areas

Areas of Application

SCHOOL DISINFECTANT was formulated for the regular disinfection of the following:

  • School and classroom environment
  • Interior and exterior areas
  • Particular desk and tabletops, chairs, wall units, and teaching equipment.

Being alcohol-free make SCHOOL DISINFECTANT suitable for application in confined and poorly ventilated areas and is therefore safe for the scholars

Application Method

Application can be done in the following way: 

  • Trigger and pump spray
  • Medium pressure air gun
  • Fogging units

Always ensure that accumulated layers of dirt or dust have been removed before disinfection. Best results will be obtained when applied to pre – cleaned surfaces best product to clean with is GENDEG.

Contact Time

After application a contact time of 5 – 10 minutes is considered to be safe. Allow surfaces to dry properly before body contact or exposure.


Antiseptics and disinfectants are used extensively in hospitals and other care settings for a variety of topical and other hard surface applications. Recent developments worldwide have brought new challenges to disinfection of inanimate surfaces, hand sanitizers and now regular application in public areas which might involve human contact or exposure.

Application of disinfectants now has the added challenge of besides being highly effective on a wide
spectrum of micro-organisms, it also has to be safe upon accidental human contact or exposure. In many
high risk areas like learning institutions, public offices, sales counters etc. the need might exist for regular
product application to secure a safe environment. This more than often application increases the risk of
human exposure and contact.